Using The Social Media To Supercharge Your Small Business.

Is your small business not generating enough leads? Or are you finding it very difficult to get more customers and clients to patronize your business and drive more sales? Then it is time you consider igniting and supercharging it with the social media. The social media has the capacity to ignite, spark-off and revive your small business, until it becomes supercharged. So many small business owners are still oblivious of the efficacy of the social media in making their business become the cream of the crop. And if your business does not yet have a presence on social media, then you're obviously lagging behind. Because, gone are the days when business are only done offline, and the online business or social media business is treated with so much levity.
The importance of using the social networking sites to make your small business feature prominently among many small businesses cannot be over-emphasized. It puts you ahead of other small business owners whose business isn't yet visible on social sites. One major reason your business should have a presence on social media is because, so many of your potential customers and clients are on various social sites, and they are more interested in transacting online business, or getting more information about any business before going offline to locate such business place. Futhermore, there is a whole lot of competitions among small-scale businesses, therefore taking your business from the offline to the online business or participating in both can help your business gain more popularity, stand-out among all other small businesses, and you'll definitely carve out a niche for yourself. The world is gradually moving from being a global village to a global kitchen, because of the innovations in technology. You don't need to be everywhere to transact your business or get people to know what you do. You can be anywhere in the world, or in that little corner and get the whole world to know about your business, if only you can take advantage of these advancement in technology to grow your business, master and apply all the rudiments of succeeding in online or social media business. Remember, knowledge is key, and it gives you an edge over others, and the proper application of the social media business knowledge will help you to stand-out, and be far ahead of others.
A lot of small business owners often complains of their business not generating enough leads, getting more customers and clients through the social media and driving more sales. As a small business owner who wants to succeed in social media business, you must employ all necessary tools that will help you to become successful, and also know the nifty-gritty involved in succeeding in social media business. There are social media business rules, ethics and best practices that you must observe in order to make you and your business stand-out in social networking sites. This rules and ethics are very easy, and they are more of your relationship with others, and how you package yourself as the best salesman. Proper and effective packaging of yourself, your products and services on social media will help to drive more traffic to your business, and generate the leads you desire. You must be able to figure out what your fans, clients and customers are looking for, or are expecting from you, and channel your ideas towards that area. A lot of small business owners treat their social media business account with great levity, because they are more concerned and comfortable with the physical brick and mortar store. This is why they find it very difficult to attract more clients and customers to their business through the social media. To succeed in social media business, you must take it very seriously, and do it as if nothing else to do. You must find time to frequently engage with your fans, clients and customers on those social sites where your business have a presence, and constantly post new and interesting things about your business. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Myspace, Foresquare, Dailymotion, Yelp etc. are important social sites your business should have a presence. Read my former post on: "7 Most Important Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Have A Presence". To discover how to do business on this social sites. The social sites are also platforms for advertising your business to millions of people all over the world. Facebook alone has over two billion users worldwide, and facebook gives you the opportunity to advertise your business for only $10, and make more people connect with your business.
Another way you can supercharge your business with the social media and generate more leads, is to create very interesting online contents that are relevant to your business, and share them to all your social networking sites. Creating online contents for your small business can do all the magic of making your business outstanding in no distant time. When you create contents for your business throhgh blogging about your business, it makes you stand-out in social media, when people search for anything relating to your business on search engines as google, bing and yahoo, Your contents shows up in search results and your business gets noticed. You can hire a professional content creator, to create content for your business and make it visible to search engines.
Frequently commenting on other blogs and websites, and sharing the contents that are relevant to your business to your social networking sites can also help to grow your business and give it the popularity it deserves. Succeeding in social media business requires you to connect with other businesses that are similar to yours. You can't become an island when it comes to succeeding in social media business. You must connect, engage, interact, and share ideas with other similar small business owners. Be creative in administering your social media business, and always find time to post new things, and interact with all your fans, clients and customers on social media in order to generate more leads, drive more traffic to your business, and make your business stand-out.



Best Social Media Platforms For Small Business Owners.

It is no longer news that social media business has taken a formidable and unprecedented dimension in the scheme of things in the business world, and the era of taking online business or social media business with so much levity has since elapsed. Gone are the days where business are done only in the brick and mortar way, where you only need to have a physical store to be able to do business, but these is an era of click and mortar business, where you set up an online store, and people click to transact business. With more and more people getting aware of online business, and millions of people all over the world signing up daily for various social sites, it definitely means that social media business is gradually becoming the cream of the crop, and may eventually overtake the offline physical store business. Therefore, as a small business owner, if your business hasn't establish its prescence online and on social sites, or you're reluctant about social media business, then you're actually depriving yourself the privilege of getting your business known to majority of your potential customers and clients who are leveraging online business and the social media, as a means of transacting business.
In these particular post, i want to discus seven most important social media platforms your business needs to have a prescence in, and how to use them to publicize your business.
Below are the 7 best social media platforms suitable for your small business.


Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and it is undoubtedly the largest social site that every small business owner must leverage on to publicize their business, and establish their business presence. Facebook alone has over two billion fans worldwide, with millions of people all over the world signing up daily to make their presence known. So many people sign up for facebook for different things. Probably, to connect with old and distant family and friends, to connect with their favorite celebrity, share photos, post interesting thoughts and carve out a niche for themselves on the social site. But as a small business owner, your goal of establishing your presence on facebook, should be to make your business know to the whole world, get more fans, clients and customers, drive more traffic to your business, and consequently increase sale. Facebook alone can help you do a whole lot of this. Millions of people on facebook are interested in your business, and they want to know about it. But how can you reach out to them without establishing your business presence on these social site?
Now, how can you advertise your business on facebook? Facebook has given every business owner the privilege to advertise their business, through creating a facebook business page for their business. Your facebook account should be your business page account, your business name is your brand name on facebook. Creating a facebook business page for your business, will help to distinguish your business and make your customers and clients connect directly with your business. Creating a facebook business page with your business name, is one way of making your business known to the whole world and getting more people to know about your products and services. When you create a facebook business page for your business, you need to clearly define your business, your products and services so that people who are seeing your business page for the first time can know what you've got to offer. After creating a facebook business page for your business, facebook also gives you the opportunity to advertise your business for only $10, so that more people all over the world can see your business page and connect with it. For your business to succeed on facebook, you must frequently connect and interact with your fans, customers and clients, so they can know more about your business and patronize you.
Facebook is certainly one of the best social media platform your business should have a presence, because it has the capacity of growing your business, driving more traffic to it, and increase your sales.


Twitter is also another important social media platform that cannot be neglected when it comes to social media business. Twitter can be said to be next to facebook in terms of the number of people signing up daily for it. Twitter is also very important for advertising your business, connecting with other similar businesses and carving out a niche for your business. To succeed on twitter as a small business owner, you need to use the maximum 140 characters giving by twitter to clearly define your business in short sentence, so that people can no more about you and your business, and follow you. But unlike facebook, where people see your business page and "like" it, in facebook terms, when you advertise it. In twitter, those who share similar business ideas with you, are the ones that will follow you on twitter, and the more you post about your business, the more you get more followers. Obviously, these absolutely means that you must post frequently to get more followers. Hence, creating a blog or website for your business and posting content from it directly to your twitter account, will help you to get more followers. You can also use the search engines to search other businesses related to your own business, and post the contents to your twitter account. By doing this, you'll get more twitter followers, more people will know  about your business, and definitely carve out a niche for yourself on twitter.
Creating a twitter list for your business is also very important, because this is where your twitter followers connects directly with you, and you share ideas based on your business. Twitter is an important social site that can't be neglected when it comes to social media business.


Linkedin is also another important social networking site to establish your business presence as a small business owner. Linkedin is a professional social networking site where different professionals in different field connect with each other. As a small business owner, linkedin is good for you, because it brings you into contact with other users who share or have similar business with yours. Linkedin is a social networking site that opens the door to more opportunities, especially when you frequently post and share important and interesting topics, or something about your business. When you establish your business on linkedin, you'll be reaching out to millions of people worldwide who also do your kind of business. Linkedin is about networking, the more you share thought-provoking posts, the more people connect with you, and you keep growing your network. If you're not yet on linkedin as a professional, or as a small business owner, i encourage you to sign up today, and begin to grow your network, and get more people know about your business.


Google plus is another social site that is hosted by google. Google plus also helps you to advertise your business and get more people to connect with you. When you sign up for google mail, google also gives you an opportunity to add a google plus page, where you describe yourself, your business, your location and what you do. Google +, means an addition, you add more friends to a relevent circle, either as friends, acquintances, family, or people you want to follow. Google plus is an interesting social site that gives you all the freedom to talk about your business, and share posts relating to your business. A lot of people are on google plus, and they're using it to share their experiences, talk about their business and establish themselves on social media. Google plus is very important for your business as a business owner, where you've got the opportunity to have your business listed on google places, and get more people know about it. People also add you to a circle, when they find your page interesting. Use google plus to build your business and expand your circles. Google has also recently introduced a google plus hangout, where you can organize a forum to connect with your friends live, through a video web cam, to discus issues and share ideas. Google plus is very necessary to expand your business on social media and reach out to others.


Pinterest is also another social media platform that is very necessary for your small business. Infact, pinterest is mainly created as a social media business platform, to enable business owners share their businesses with the world, connect with similar businesses, increase traffic to their business and drive more sale. If you're not yet utilizing pinterest to grow your business, then you're certainly missing out as a small business owner. Pinterest allows you to upload and share photos about your business, to enable your fans, potential customers and clients have an insight about your products or services. Pinterest is very important in growing your business on social media, and get more people to know about it. Everything you need to grow your business online is available on pinterest, you only need to choose your area of interest which is relevant to your business, and begin to upload photos and share posts about your business.


Youtube is definitely important for your small business, if you're into a servicing business or product manufacturing. As you all know, youtube is all about uploading videos of whatever you've done or you're into. If you're into a servicing business or manufacturing business, then youtube is good for you. You can upload a video of such business on youtube and millions of people all over the world can see and watch it when they search for something relevant to it. Youtube has the capacity of driving more traffic to your business, when you take advantage of it to grow your business.


Foresquare is another social media platform that is necessary to grow and expand your business. Foresquare has to do with the location of your business. Establishing your business on foresquare, will help people know about your business location. When people visits your business place on foresquare, they leave a recommendation about your business location for more people to know the location and connect with it. Foresquare is good for driving more traffic to your business, through helping people know your business spot.

This are my list of 7 most important social media platform to establish your business presence. Establishing your business presence on them, will help you to drive more traffic to your business.